New app alerts CPR-trained users to those in need

By Dave McDaniel
Source: WESH 2

Applications on a cell phone
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A new cellphone app is connecting those trained in CPR to people in need of assistance.

A Central Florida man said he’s alive today because of a miracle.

“It is miraculous. From what they say, 8 percent survive that, so obviously, a miracle is involved,” Chris Connor said.

Connor shared his story at the Seminole County Commission meeting to establish the importance of a new app that launched Tuesday.

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Lightning strike survivor inspires CPR class at clinic where his heart stopped beating

Author: Matt Dougherty
Source: KHOU 11
Published: 10:53 PM CDT October 22, 2019

HOUSTON — The north Houston lightning strike survivor saved by CPR is learning the life-saving skill that saved himself.

Surveillance video of the incident. (KHOU 11)

Dozens of people showed up to be trained at the vet clinic where the emergency occurred earlier this month.

When Alex Coreas was walking his dogs to get out of the storm near Stubner Airline Road earlier this month he was struck by lightning.

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University of Minnesota – Researchers find new ways to improve CPR

September 28, 2019
by University of Minnesota

An international research consortium, which included faculty members from the University of Minnesota Medical School, was able to identify what is likely an optimal combination of chest compression frequency and depth when performing CPR.

The investigation was led by Sue Duval, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Biostatistics at the U of M Medical School, assisted by an international team of resuscitation investigators based at UT Southwestern, Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, the University Hospital of Grenoble Alpes in France, and Toho University in Tokyo, Japan.

The findings, published in JAMA Cardiology, suggest the combination of 107 compressions per minute and a depth of 4.7 cm (about 2 inches) in the first five minutes of CPR can be associated with significantly improved outcomes when Emergency Medical Services (EMS) rescuers are treating cardiac arrest outside the hospital.

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(CNN) Mom calls a Kentucky officer a hero after he saved her baby, who wasn’t breathing

By Amanda Jackson, CNN
Updated 3:21 PM ET, Tue August 27, 2019
Original Article

(CNN) A baby from Scottsville, Kentucky, is back home with his family after being saved by a police officer.

Aiden, who is 19 months old, stopped breathing on Wednesday morning, and his family called 911. As police arrived on the scene he was already turning blue and was cold to the touch, according to officers, but Scottsville Police Sgt. James Talbott jumped into action.

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(Chicago Tribune) Suffering cardiac arrest in Chicago used to be a near-certain death sentence. But in just a few years, the survival rate tripled. What happened?

Ryder Burk, 5, left, and his older brother, Rhet Burk, 8, learn to make chest compressions on a CPR mannequin during an event to teach people about CPR, before a game at Wrigley Field on Aug. 21, 2019, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

CHICAGO TRIBUNE |AUG 23, 2019 | 6:15 AM

Just outside Wrigley Field, 15-year-old Shira David knelt on the artificial turf of Gallagher Way on Wednesday, trying to teach 8-year-old baseball fan Shea Corbin how to keep a correct rhythm when performing CPR.

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Nurse provides CPR to unresponsive fan at Arizona Diamondbacks game

By: Karla Navarrete
Posted: 5:25 PM, Aug 19, 2019 Updated: 8:26 PM, Aug 19, 2019
Source: ABC 15

PHOENIX — Danielle Campos says she’s a Diamondbacks fan who goes to several games every baseball season. This past Saturday, she attended the game with her boyfriend and sat behind home plate.

“I was just watching the game and I noticed that the gentleman was slumped over his chair and his friend was trying to wake him and he wasn’t waking up,” says Campos.

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(NBC CHICAGO) Oswego Police Officer Praised for Saving Baby’s Life With CPR

By Sandra Torres
Published Aug 5, 2019 at 3:47 PM | Updated at 5:33 PM CDT on Aug 5, 2019


A police officer in west suburban Oswego is being hailed a hero for taking quick action to save a baby’s life.

Officer Jordan Lombardi was called to a home on July 28 for a 3-day-old baby boy who stopped breathing.

Dash camera video from inside Lombardi’s patrol car captured the moments as he raced to the scene. The video shows the father of the newborn wave the officer down when he reached the house.

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